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Every Member Is A Resource

Become A Member

Membership in the South Hills Chamber carries with it a distinct opportunity to belong to a group of individuals and business owners who share common goals, support member services and products, seek enhanced business and promote the communities in which we live and serve.

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Networking Works

Networking is vital to increasing your business potential. Along with today’s social media and opportunities for networking, a business’s presence is strengthened. Networking provides the “personal contact” that today’s business still needs in order to grow. Technology provides the “maintenance support” to keep your business flourishing. Participating in the Chamber’s events and activities gives you many chances to enhance your business contacts.

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Membership Is A Resource

Our Business Directory provides you with an array of organizations and businesses that provide our client members with a talent and resource base. Most of our client members come from the South Hills, but businesses who want to do business in our area also can join and can expand their pool of resources.

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The South Hills Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is the “pulse” of the South Hills Business Community. Being an active member provides you with opportunities to promote, support and enhance your business and others. Through our electronic newsletter, events and workshops, our members can expand their business knowledge with active participation. Join today by selecting a membership that best suits your business needs.